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Conditions of participation Watson


This competition is made by Valora Switzerland AG, Hofackerstrasse 40, 4132 Muttenz, Switzerland ("Valora" or "organizer") organized.

The organizer's customer service can be achieved.

The conditions listed here apply to participation in the competition. Each participant agrees to these conditions of participation by participating in the competition.

A notice:This competition is in no connection to Watson (hereinafter referred to as "platform") and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by the platform. By participating in this competition, each participant releases the platform completely.

Participation in the competition

For the competition carried out, the one specified in the article applies Closing closure of July 31, 20022. In order to take part in the corresponding competition, each until 11:59 p.m. (Central European time) The participation will take place on the day of the closing date. The electronically logged input of the corresponding data record is used to check and maintain deadline. People in Alter of at least 18 years participate that their legal Residence in Switzerland to have. The organizer reserves the right to request suitable evidence of age and identity from the participants. Excluded from participation in the main raffle are employees of the Valora Group, all agencies and franchisee. Participation takes place exclusively via [Watson] (hereinafter "platform").

A participant (R) automatically takes part in the competition by giving the following information on the platform:

1. Name

2. Email

All participants get into a virtual "pot", from the drawn on 02.08.22 of the winner becomes.

Every participant only takes part.

Winner/education and notification

The winner will be over the given email informedthat he or she won the price with the request to confirm the acceptance of the main prize. After receipt of the email message from the winner, this has one 7 days period to assume to confirm the price obtained. In addition, it is necessary for the delivery of the price to ensure that the winner certain information about his/her person power (especially address). If the confirmation or at incomplete and/or false passenger. The profit expires And a new winner is drawn from the remaining participants.

Changes regarding the competition and exclusion of the legal process

There is no entitlement to carrying out the competition or the drawing of the profit. The organizer reserves the right to shorten or extend the period of the campaign. This can be desirable or necessary, for example, if all lots are distributed before the end of the campaign, if the underlying services, with a rough abuse, or a hacker attack on the website.

The organizer also reserves the right to offer an alternative price with the same monetary value if she considered this necessary. The winner is announced without guarantee.

The prices are not transferable to third parties, are not interchangeable and cannot be paid out in the form of cash. The organizer is released by all obligations when the profit is delivered. Liability for legal and or material defects is excluded. No correspondence is led through profits. The legal process is excluded.

The organizer's decisions are in the exclusive discretion of the organizer, are finally binding for all participants.

If the manipulation or use of unfair means, as well as in the event of a violation of these conditions of participation, the organizer can exclude individual participants, deny or reclaim already approved prices, and - if appropriate - determine replacement winners.


As part of a participation in ok.– reload-Tarchay we collect the following data: your email address, your IP address, participation and time and time and whether you have won. The data will be collected on our behalf by Fixxpunkt AG based in Zurich and forwarded to us. We only use your email address for the purpose of the profit education and to notify you in the event of a win. If you win, we will ask you to specify our full name and a valid postal address in Switzerland so that we can pay you the price. We process all data exclusively for the proper processing of the competition in accordance with the applicable conditions of participation. Data from participants who have not won will be deleted at the latest 2 months after the event period. Winning data will be deleted no later than two months after delivery of the last ok.

You can find more information in our Data protection.

Liability restrictions

The organizer is not liable for inputs that were not delivered in time or incorrect due to technical errors or other reasons that are not to be represented by the organizer.

The organizer is not liable for malfunctions and/or usage restrictions on this website. It is also not liable for data loss, e.g. if a participant closes the browser window during the data input or if the connection with the network or website servers is interrupted.

The organizer is not liable for attacks on the website or the servers on which the website is hosted-even if such a cyber attack has followed for the participants, e.g. if they receive unauthorized electronic communications.

Final provisions

The organizer reserves the right to adapt these conditions of participation at any time.

As far as legally permissible, the relationship between the parties is subject to only material Swiss law, and exclusive place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes that arise in connection with these conditions of participation or with the competition is Zurich.

Last updated: July 2022